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Timing Control

This section describes when we should engage with plants.

Timing Control
All organic processes repeat in time

Read lessThe "day" and "night" produced by the earth's rotation cause significant differences in human arousal.Spring, summer, fall, and winter" produced by the tilt of the earth's axis affect our lives. Similarly, energy emitted from the sun, moon, and other planets affects the formation and growth of plant bodies.The timing of when to till, when to sow, and when to harvest is actually very important in growing crops. In other words, in addition to the crop itself being an organism, the production system itself must be regarded as a living organism to grow crops.

Check the movement of the moon

The moon is a familiar for us that causes the tides to rise and fall. Like the sun, the moon rises and falls in altitude. The sun repeats this rhythm over the course of a year, and the moon repeats it in 27.3 days. The sap of plants also rises during the rising months of the month. It is the same principle as the rising tide. Therefore, fruit harvested during the rising phase of the moon stays fresh longer. Also, during the falling phase of the moon, plant sap falls, making it easier to plant seedlings. Pruning and fertilizing should be better done during this time.

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